“For me, exercise is more than just physical – it’s therapeutic” –Michelle Obama

So very true. And the therapy, the overall good feeling that came along with exercise, is where my love and passion for fitness began.

For the majority of my career I have worked in the tech sector, on teams that provide frontline support for law enforcement agencies when technology platforms form part of a criminal investigation. Like many working professionals these days, I often felt over-worked and underappreciated. On top of that, the nature of the content I was working with was increasing in severity (crimes involving murders, kidnappings, child exploitation and drug trafficking – to name a few) and it was more and more difficult to forget about it at the end of each day.

My outlet was exercise. I didn’t exercise for weight loss, or to build more muscle. I did it for the escape. To recharge. I’d put my headphones in, blast 90’s hip hop, and jog on the treadmill for 45 minutes, or hit a step class with my girlfriends. I love the feeling of walking out of the gym – sweaty and accomplished, ready to take on the world again.

After the birth of my second son in April 2015, I decided it was time to take my “therapy” to the next level and get serious about fitness. I wanted to set a goal, stick to it, and achieve it. I set a goal to lose 20lbs in 20 weeks. I was ready to commit.

Hiring a personal trainer changed my life. I was motivated to hit the gym on my own, but I didn’t know where to start. I was intimidated by the “boy area” at the gym, so my trainer showed me around the machines and then created an online program for me to follow.  I logged everything I ate, counted calories and tracked my macros. I went to the gym five days a week, often on no sleep (thank you newborn). Nothing could stop me.

I said no (for the most part) to my favourite things – wine, beer, nachos, and cheesecake, and learned to live a healthy, balanced life. I lost a total of 25lbs. I was happy, and I was confident. Truly confident. I learned to love my body and the incredible things it can do, and became accepting of the imperfections I couldn’t change (thank you breastfeeding). An amazing thing happens when you find your inner confidence. You’re not jealous or envious of other women. You want to build other women up. Support them in their goals. Laugh with them, talk about secrets with them, share stories about your spouses, partners, kids, jobs, parents, parents-in-law, pets, cramps, and everything in between, without judging or feeling inadequate. You can watch the Victoria Secret Fashion show with your husband while drinking a glass of wine and point out the bra you want for Christmas!

Every aspect of your life becomes better. More beautiful. More enjoyable. (Hey there, clothes shopping!)

And that’s why I started FIT WITH leleLISA. I want to use everything I’ve learned through my own weight loss journey and personal training certification to empower women to unleash their confidence and fall in love with their bodies.

Will the journey be easy? No.

Will it be worth it? Hell yes.

Make the decision to commit and let’s work together to achieve your goals!

Looking forward to sharing my healthy shenanigans with you all!