If you don’t know me from Instagram, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Lisa, and I’m on a postpartum weight loss journey, otherwise known as, a diet.

I’ve been working my ass off (literally) in the gym for four months now, and have been very careful and calculated with my calories and macros each day.

I’ve lost the 30 pounds I gained during pregnancy and I’m back to my pre-baby weight. I wish I could tell you that my weight loss tastes better than pasta, wine, or cheesecake, but the truth is, I love to eat, and eating those things is a close second to feeling confident and strong 😛 Because they are damn delicious.

I’m a personal trainer and diet coach myself, and can tell you that one of the biggest roadblocks in a weight loss journey for my clients, and for me, is social events – and the extra calories that come along with them.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, social events are endless, but that doesn’t mean your diet has to go to shit or your weight loss progress has to stall.

In fact, it can mean the opposite! If you’ve been working hard up ‘til now, it’ll probably be pretty exciting to show up in an outfit you feel great in and get lots of “Wow you look great, have you lost weight?!” compliments. And if you haven’t been working toward a goal up to now, perhaps this will be the motivation you’ve been looking for.


I have three social events to attend this week. All three will involve wine and food that is outside of what I would normally eat to fit in my 1200 calories per day. But I’m not worried about it, thanks to these three tips:

  1. Pick one event, eat what you want, and enjoy every minute of it

You’ve heard dieters and fitness pros say they can’t wait until their next “cheat meal”, and I can 100% attest to how AMAZING a cheat meal is after keeping a clean diet for months. A healthy lifestyle and diet wouldn’t be sustainable (and life wouldn’t be worth living) if you never allowed yourself to indulge in the foods and drinks you love. And it Feels. So. Good.

Depending on how aggressive your fitness goals are, you might not be able to budget 3 cheat meals in one week, unfortunately. But that’s okay! One amazing meal is enough to excite you and keep you motivated, trust me.

Every week I write out the meals I’ll eat during the week ahead. For this week, I have four dinners at home, and three events: one birthday dinner at a restaurant, one potluck, and one girl’s night out.

Of the three events, the two that will be easiest to stick to my diet are the birthday dinner and the potluck (read on to step #2 for ways I’ll make this possible), and I’ve chosen to go all out for my girl’s night.

And you know what? I won’t feel an ounce of guilt for what I eat or drink that night. Because I know that the rest of the week my diet will be on point!

  1. Research and plan ahead for the other events

I’ve decided that the first two events (the birthday dinner and the potluck) are going to be status quo diet-wise. I’ll stick to my calorie and macro goals those days as closely as possible.

When going out for dinner at a restaurant, you can always look up the menu beforehand. I will look for something that is high protein, low in fat, and has some type of good carb. At most restaurants these days, it’s not hard to find a menu item that fits, or ask for appropriate modifications. Always be careful with salads, as they seem like the good, nutritious choice on the surface, but the added toppings and dressings can actually make it a worse choice than a burger and fries.

For the first portion of the day, I will keep my diet even cleaner than normal, to allow some wiggle room (ie. a glass of wine) at dinner.

For a potluck style event, you can control the dish you make and bring yourself, which is a great thing! Not only can you find hundreds of options for high protein, low fat, good carb appetizers (oh hey, Pinterest), but it’ll actually be an awesome conversation starter. In my experience, people love trying delicious, healthy foods that will help with their diet and fitness goals.

  1. If you f*ck up, don’t get discouraged!

Even the most solid plan will fail after a couple of glasses of wine and reduced will power. Maybe you ended up drinking the whole bottle (guilty) and the alcohol made you eat, and eat, and eat, and your day (and carefully crafted plan) was thrown completely out the window.

Well my friend, it’s happened to the best of us. And all you can do is wake up the next day and start a clean slate. Recommit to your plan and keep it squeaky clean. Detox with a ton of water, all day. Don’t think about the night before, just think about your goal and the baby steps you can take for the next few days to get closer to it.

Chances are you’ll feel crappy enough (physically) that you won’t want to eat a ton of food or drink a ton of alcohol at the next event anyway.

Just remember, working towards your goal always starts RIGHT NOW. Not on Monday, not on January 1st. Right now. So after a blip, you start again. Right now.

So that’s it!

Three ways to survive the social events of the season if you’re on a diet, like me.

But speaking of being on a diet, a good friend of mine once referred to her diet as an “eating strategy” and I loved it.

In reality, all of us are on a diet. We all need food to survive and we all choose what foods we put into our bodies, and that is what makes up our diet.

When you have a fitness or weight loss goal, you need to be strategic with what you’re eating, in order to support and achieve those goals.

Throwing in a few social events might be a bit of a challenge, but it’s just an inevitable part of the overall strategy…and who doesn’t love a good challenge?

Happy socializing, friends!