I’ve done two boudoir photo shoots in my life, and I have to say, I think I’m officially addicted. I don’t even have all of my photos back from the last shoot and I’m already thinking about when I might do the next one.

It’s just so fun. I love every part of it. The planning, the outfits, the make-up, the poses, wondering how the photos will turn out, and being blown away when I get them all back.

Boudoir photos have grown in popularity in the past few years and it’s not hard to find a photographer who does this type of shoot. It’s a huge trend amongst brides – and rightfully so – what a perfect gift for your future spouse on your wedding day. Even maternity photos are getting sexier – think naked black and white silhouette photos, which are so, so beautiful. It seems more and more women are embracing the idea of celebrating and commemorating the sexiness of our bodies, and that makes me love the concept of boudoir shoots even more.

Of course, it’s not every woman’s cup of tea. It’s kind of scary to put yourself in front of a stranger’s camera wearing nothing but a strategically placed piece of lace. But I’m here to tell you that you should, at some point in your life, give it a try. Here are the top 10 reasons why:

  1. It’s a whole lot of fun 

Lots of smiling, hair flipping, laughing and silliness. A good photographer knows how to calm your nerves, lighten the mood and loosen you up. And if you’re still struggling, there’s wine for that 😉 The photographer’s goal is to capture your fun, playful side. Every woman is at her sexiest when she’s happy, confident, and having fun, after all.


  1. It’s all about you 

All. About. You. How often is that a thing, really? Getting your hair and make-up done, wearing cute (ahem, sexy) outfits, listening to music, drinking a glass of champagne…

It feels incredible to be pampered and in the hands of an experienced photographer whose focus is all on you and bringing out your raw beauty.

  1. It’s great motivation to get (and stay) in shape

If you have some pounds to lose, or some toning to do, boudoir shots are a great motivator. You’ll be thinking about your shoot, planning outfits and the looks you like, and wanting to look your best – so badly, that you might even put the cupcake down and do a plank instead. (okay, maybe that’s extreme, but you get my point). It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you have a goal date in the back of your mind.

  1. You forget about your imperfections 

Wish you didn’t have stretch marks? Wish your boobs were bigger? Wish your hair was longer? An experienced photographer has heard it all before. A boudoir photo shoot isn’t about hiding those perceived imperfections, it’s about focusing on the attributes that you love about your body. Photographers know how to place you, and how to arrange things around you, to play up your best assets.

  1. You feel sexy

You know that feeling you get when you’re wearing a sexy bra and panty set on just a regular Tuesday? It’s on under your clothes and no one knows you’re wearing it, but you just feel sexy. And when you feel sexy, your confidence shines through. Boudoir photos give you that same feeling, during the shoot, and afterwards too. When you get your photos back, you’ll feel it every time you look at them – even if you have granny panties on that day 😉



  1. You get to buy new lingerie and get creative

Who doesn’t love buying new lingerie? Why not use the photo shoot as an excuse to buy the style you’ve always thought about buying, but never have? Start a secret Pinterest board to get an idea of different looks you like. Maybe you received lingerie as a gift one time but you’ve never worn it. Or maybe your partner is a die-hard sports fan and you want to bring a jersey to wear, or some other prop that adds a unique touch. Bonus: you can hide your outfits and wear them in person while you show off your photos for the first time 😉

  1. The photos make a great gift

Speaking of showing off your photos…they make a great gift. Picture the look on his face when he opens your sexy photo album, instead of the usual gift of a watch or bottle of cologne or the latest and greatest BBQ utensil (Sidenote: am I the only one who buys my husband BBQ tools for every occasion? He’s so hard to shop for).  Anyway, I bet his face will be similar to the look of awe on your own face when you see the photos for the first time. It’s truly a gift for yourself, even if no one else will ever see them. There is just something about seeing yourself through someone else’s lens that helps you realize how beautiful you are.

  1. You get to push your boundaries

I’ve never been skydiving, or bungee jumping, or anything crazy like that, but I’d imagine you’d be full of nerves before you do it, and then feel pretty exhilarated when you’re done. Boudoir photos (perhaps on a smaller scale), give you a similar type of rush. You’ll push your boundaries, step out of your comfort zone and feel an adrenaline rush when you’re done. And then get the incredible photos afterwards to commemorate your experience and this moment in your life. 

  1. It helps shift your focus

Do you ever feel like you’re in a slump? For me, motherhood can have that effect sometimes. You don’t get all dolled up for a trip to the splash pad, am I right? The truth is, whether you’re a mom or not, sexiness often takes a backseat to the daily grind. Most days, I’m in yoga pants with my hair in a top knot and apart from my lash extensions, I don’t wear make up for weeks at a time. Not the sexiest. Or at least, I don’t feel my sexiest.

Doing boudoir photos shifts your focus back to you and your womanhood, and the romantic, sexy feeling and excitement you’re left with after the shoot carries over to regular life. It’s like getting a sexy boost. And then you get your photos back and you can look at them anytime you need a fix.


  1. You can make a fun day of it with your girlfriends

There’s a reason we always go to the bathroom together. It’s safe, it’s comforting, and deep down, we all have similar insecurities, which we can tell each other we’re crazy for over and over again because that’s what friends do. Stepping out of your comfort zone is easier when it’s with your girlfriends, and boudoir photos are no exception. Plus, you’ll have your hair and make-up done, and you’ll feel sexy as hell, so you may as well go out for a drink or two afterward.

And here’s the best part…

My photographer and I are teaming up to bring you the ultimate package this fall. 6 weeks of personal training leading up to your very own boudoir mini session! More details and package options will be posted on my website this August. If you’re interested in learning more and want to reserve a spot, send me an email at fitlelelisa@gmail.com. There will be limited spots available!

Stay sexy ladies,


Photo Cred: @one33photography_annmariedenis

Lash Cred: @bardotlashhouse

Hair Cred: @cozymoziebeauty